Be an Advocate

Justice is more than meeting the need physical and spiritual needs of the weak and vulnerable. Though that is a major part, justice requires more of us. In order to truly stand for the oppressed, we must stand against the systems that hold them in vulnerable positions. How do we do that?


Speak on behalf of those whose voice is not heard.  Contact your local, state, and national political representatives. The Polaris Project is a great starting point. Here you can find out what anti-human trafficking policies are in place or are pending in your community. You are also able to have your voice be heard as you sign petitions for legislation. 

A huge part of ending the modern-day injustice of human trafficking involves demanding more of our governments and holding accountable companies that directly/indirectly support human trafficking. is one of the key petition sites with several live petitions currently addressing human trafficking. However if you desire to be more involved, you can also directly email your government representatives.

Let’s be the voice for those whose voice is not heard.


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