Did you know that in the Bible over 2000 verses are dedicated to poverty and justice. Divinely inspired and infallible, the Scriptures dictate how we are to live our lives in relation to God and each other. However, the Scriptures also show our inability to live in accordance with God’s standard. Due to our rebellion and disobedience, we, as humans, have a consistently inward focus on ourselves. This focus leads us to indulge in practices that ultimately hurt ourselves and those around us. However, we can celebrate the fact that though the Law of God diagnoses our sin problem, the Gospel, or the good news of Jesus Christ, delivers us. We believe that this “good news” deserves to be proclaimed and demonstrated to all who are broken and vulnerable, both spiritually and physically.

With that said, welcome to the Let My People Go Experience. LMPG’s mission is to mobilize the church to fight human trafficking by loving those most vulnerable. We envision a vibrant church network actively working together through innovation and collaboration to serve the “least of these” in their own communities. This week, prepare to be immersed in the Let My People Go Movement.

Practically speaking, our aim is that as you are challenged this week, you will go home with a renewed passion and the resources needed to bring change. LMPG is thankful to serve you as you serve this city’s most vulnerable populations.


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