Further Reading: Loving Those Vulnerable to Trafficking

Loving Those Vulnerable to Trafficking 


This week, we have been learning how we can change the conversation. Rather than solely focusing on rescue or aftercare, we are asking the question: What would it look like to fight human trafficking by loving those most vulnerable? In essence, how can we care for those who traffickers intentionally target? In NYC, our homeless neighbors are some of those most vulnerable to exploitation. According to the Coalition for the Homeless, each night more than 60,000 people-including 22,000 children- experience homelessness in NYC. Though these statistics are staggering, most of us will walk right by those that are homeless without even acknowledging them. However, God desires for us to stop.

Read this story about how one conversation with a homeless man named “Dreads” changed my life forever.

Questions for small group discussion

How have you been the priest and levite?

Has God shown your own neediness this week? What does that look like?

What prejudices have come to mind as you come into contact with people in NYC?

Is the Gospel your motivation for doing justice?  How does or would the life, death, and resurrection free you to love your neighbor?

 Today, each of your groups will be working with the homeless community of NY. You will have the opportunity to get to know them. Whether you share a meal, a cup of coffee, or a nutrigrain bar, I challenge you to really step out in faith as you encounter those different than you. This afternoon, you have the unique opportunity to treat other human beings as human beings. It’s crazy, I know, but people love it!

However, due to the nature of the day, you will have a period of time when you are not on site. This is by design; DO NOT GO SHOPPING. Rather use this time to bless the homeless community on your own as a team. You will not regret it! 


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