Scavenger Hunt

The Let My People Go Scavenger Hunt encourages you to engage human trafficking at the demand level. 

  • As you walk around these areas, know that you are walking among those that could be exploited and those who may be exploiters.
  • Look for opportunities to share a nutrigrain bar with those in need.
  • Aim to spend 30-45 minutes listening to their story as you eat with them.
  • The goal of this is communion over charity.

Today’s Challenges:

  • Challenge 1 — Check your slavery footprint!
  • Challenge 2 — The Big Question: Are your products fair trade or slave free?
  • Challenge 3 — Whoever buys the most products untainted by slavery wins a prize!

In NYC? Click here for the Checklist

In Chicago? Click here for the Checklist

Click here to measure your Slavery Footprint

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